About us

Honesty, working hard, achieving goals with students, owners, and clients with 100% conviction. That's where Fred van Straaten Sport Stables achieves for.

Fred van Straaten Junior is the owner of Fred van Straaten Sport Stables. Fred rides successfully on international and national level in show jumping. With the ponies and juniors he was part of the Dutch team, he has been riding several times in Nations Cups and once the European Championship. At senior level Fred has reached lots of good results with several horses, with his own horses and horses from owners, during 2* and 3* competitions. Fred has gained valuable experience with training and competing in Holland and abroad.

Fred van Straaten Sport Stables is a trustworthy address for training of your horses and riding competitions. The accommodation in Den Ham has all the facilities you would like. Fred trains with lots of patience and dedication your young horses and he will give them valuable experience at shows. However the training and showing of your horses on a higher level such as on (inter)national level on 2*/3* level, until 1.50m is also in safekeeping by Fred.Read more about it in "Sport"

However Fred does not only ride but has also the approved license for Instructor/Trainer in Show jumping. He trains riders in the Netherlands and abroad. Fred van Straaten Sport Stables is specialized in training horses and riders on a higher level. Doesn’t matter if it is individually or in small groups, at his stables or on a location of your choice. He does this with passion, motivation and concentration. Fred van Straaten Sport Stables is also giving motivated, intelligible clinics in Holland and abroad. Read more about it in "Training"

When you are interested in buying a horse, Fred van Straaten Sport Stables will have the right horse for you or he will be able to find the matching horse for you from one of his trustworthy contacts! Everything can be arranged from flights, hotels etc . Read more about it in "Sales"